Thanksgiving Traditions – Squash, Cranberry, and Rolls

In the first post of this series, I wrote about the first course from our traditional Thanksgiving dinner – stuffing. In this post, I’m going to write about the second and third courses of our menu:


2. Squash

This was probably my favorite course of the meal. Roasting the butternut squash caramelizes the squash and gives the soup a wonderfully rich, nutty flavor. This was complimented nicely by the browned butter and the chicken stock I made from chickens that were cooked in the smoker. On the do-over list, I left the buttermilk and heavy cream sitting out a bit longer than I should have, resulting in crème fraîche that was a little closer to sour cream in consistency.

Butternut Squash Soup

The soup turned out to be Hope’s favorite course, as well.

3. Rolls

This course was challenging for me. I wanted the brioche pull-aparts to come out of the oven just a few minutes before we were ready for them, but the dough wasn’t rising as quickly as the TK’s recipe suggested it would, so I started the rise much sooner than I had planned.

Brioche Pull Aparts

However, I ended up overestimating how much rising time the dough needed. The net result was the rolls went into the oven much earlier in the day than I had planned, and consequently came out of the oven much earlier as well. So by the time we were ready to eat them, they were closer to room temperature than oven temperature. C’est la vie dans la cuisine.

To go with the rolls, we had a lovely brie from our local cheese monger and cranberry pâtés. The pâtés were my first foray into candy making, which was messier and more difficult than I anticipated. It took much longer for the puree’s temperature to come into the candy-making zone. Also, splatter. Lots of splatter. Especially early on in the process when there was plenty of water in the puree.

I’ll finish the write up on our meal later this week. Cheers.